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"Southern Colorado's PREMIER Estate Liquidation Company"
I would like to thank Terry, Lizz and their crew for the wonderful job they did with my Estate Sale.  
From our very first meeting it was obvious they knew their business and were totally trustworthy.  They outlined everything that would be done step by step.  They were everything they promised to be and much more!  The sale was amazing and did better than we had expected.  This was due to the hard work they put into making it successful, the planning  of every detail and the follow through.  The were very considerate of my wants and need and left everything cleaned up after the sale.  
They delivered as promised and made it all very easy for me during a stressful time.  I would recommend them to any body-they go the extra step.

L. Bond


Whom It May Concern

We were always dreading the day that the family would  need to go through my mother’s house and sell all of her cherished items, this anxiety was reduced to the bear minimum when we recently contracted with SoCo estates sales for the liquidation of my mother’s estate.

Terry and Liz were professional and organized beyond expectation.  The family handed over the keys to my Mother’s Life, so to speak, and Terry and Liz took it from there.  We never thought that it would be so simple and easy to have an estate sale quite like this (kudos to SoCo Estates Sales).  Terry and Liz came in and set up everything, we did absolutely nothing.  All the house hold belongings were priced at a fair-value and staged very professionally for sale.

We would not hesitate recommending Terry and Liz to anyone; they come with our highest recommendation.

Curtis L. Urban
Pueblo, CO


Dear Terry and Lizz,

is a real pleasure for me to take a moment to thank you both for the recently completed estate sale at my uncle's home. Terry, when Norma and I first met you we knew you were a man of great integrity. We trusted you then and through the preparation period prior to the sale. The house was a mess and there was so much "stuff". You kept me updated and you were always cheerful and positive about the upcoming sale.

The entire house was so well organized and displayed during the sale. You disposed of items that would not sell prior to the sale and you cleaned the house after the sale. The very few items that did not sell you donated to charity and you provided me a receipt  for tax purposes. I walked into a clean and empty house after the sale. The proceeds from the sale were much more than I expected. I could have never accomplished what you did for my uncle's estate.

For those who will read this testimonial may I say to them to just "call SOCO and forget it." Enjoy picking up your check at the end of the sale!


Richard M.
Englewood, CO 80110

"You guys were wonderful! I had a houseful of my mom's stuff that I needed to clear out  so that I could get the house ready to sell for her. You came in and took care of everything and made it effortless for me, and I really appreciate that. Your commission was more than fair, and actually less than what most similar businesses charge, and you got it done even earlier than I expected. Thank you!"

Jan W. 

Lizz and Terry


I just wanted to send my compliments to the both of you in handling my parents' estate sale in July, at 392 W. Coral Drive, Pueblo West, Colorado. Liquidating my parents possessions was not something we looked forward to doing but we knew it had to be done. Just the thought of going through all of their belongings and trying to figure out what to do with them all was over whelming as well as emotional.

When I met you for the first time you were friendly, professional, and compassionate. I immediately took a liking to you and knew I wanted you to handle their estate sale. You were able to look through the house and give me an idea of what needed to be done to get ready for the sale.

With my wife and myself working full time and leading busy lives, it was a relief knowing that you made sure everything was done exactly the way it should have been done. We had a very short window in order to move things out. You were able to pull the sale together in two short weeks. To say that you both are hardworking, intellegent, enthusiastic, clear thinking, punctual, was considerate of our needs and wishes, is an understatement. 

I was very lucky to find someone who is trustworthy, client focused, and experienced. You even brought in appraisers for items you were not sure on how to adequately price.

I would whole heartedly recommend you both in any liquidation sale. I appreciate the excellent job and service that was provided and hope that someday we may meet again.


Mark Salay
Pueblo West, CO    .....    Mark is available to take a call for a personal reference.


I want to take the time to let you know how impressed I am with Southern Colorado Estate Sales. Lizz and Terry were so professional and helpful. Recently my son's father passed away and we were left with the daunting task of going through everything in the home. Having never had any experience in the past dealing with, or even attending an estate sale, I was doubtful and a little uneasy to hire someone to help facilitate the sale for us. My initial response was that I could have a sale myself and not pay someone to do that. I am so relieved that I did not take that on myself!! There was so much to go through, organize, price, advertise and sell. Lizz even washed and dried bedding while she organized, they made areas off limits to people walking through, they weres well staffed and extremely helpful.

During the organizing and pricing of items in the home, Terry took time to call me as I live in a different town and inform me that a neighbor was taking wood from the back yard and wanted  to make sure I was aware of that and had approved for them to do so. It helped me feel so much more at ease not being in the same town to know that Lizz and Terry were concerned about security with mine and my son's situation.

The sale could not have gone better and sales were far better than I even hoped they would be. Lizz and Terry donated the very few items
that were left over, cleaned up after themselves, even vacuuming and washing floors and disposing of all trash. The home was ready to be sold two days after the sale with nothing left to worry about.

When I first started looking for someone who may do estate sales, I called three others first and it took days and with one , even two weeks to get a response. With timeliness such a big issue and with the home being on the market. I was very impressed and grateful that Lizz called me the first day I inquired about their services. We were able to meet within a week and get the ball rolling immediately. Lizz and Terry provided me with lots of communication so I knew exactly what was being done and each day of the sale they called me at the beginning and end of the day to provide updates.

Dealing with a death, especially one so unexpectedly is difficult enough. Having a company like Southern Colorado Estate Sales to carry out an estate sale in such a timely, organized, and professional way far exceeded my expections. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Thanks so much!

Melanie C.
(Colorado Springs)   ...    Melanie is available to take a call for a personal reference.